How to create your new POP email in Gmail

Summary of POP email settings

Please note: Make sure you use your own email address and given password when completing the following steps.

IMPORTANT: Do NOT delete your existing POP account

This could lead to loss of emails.The below steps are ONLY for setting up a brand new POP email account.

Click here if you have an existing POP email account »

How to create your new POP email inside your Gmail

For clients who are using our POP service for their email, setting your email account up on your Samsung Galaxy is available as a reliable option when traveling, or any other times that you cannot access your usual email program.

Step 1

Open up your browser and go to and login. If you do not already have a gmail account, create one now

Step 2

Click on Settings link in the top right corner of your Gmail account under the gear icon.


Step 3

Click on the Accounts tab.


Step 4

Then click on the button called Add a POP3 mail account your own.


Step 5

A new popup should display like below prompting you for your email address.
Type in your email address (ie. and press Next Step » button.

Step 6

Next will be the email settings page. This is the page where you will actually be able to setup your email account

E-mail Address: (ie.
Username: The username will be your full email address (ie.
Password: Enter the password you were provided
POP Server: Enter
Port: Enter 110
Leave a copy of retrieved message on the server: Do not tick
Always use a secure connection (SSL) when retrieving mail: Do not tick
Label incoming messages: This is the label used when reading your emails within Google. It is up to you to label if you want.
Archive incoming messages: This will take a backup copy of all emails read within Google. It is up to you to label if you want.


Step 7

Fill in the email settings form and press the Add Account » button to add your account to your Google account.

Step 8

Now you will have the choice to send email from your Business POP email address through Gmail.

Select: Yes, I want to be able to send mail as..
Click: Next Step


Step 9

Here you need to enter the name that you want to appear when you send people email.
Click: Next Step


Step 10

Here you will have the option of using Gmail’s SMTP server. We recommend that you use this, but you could also use our SMTP server.
Select: Send through Gmail
Click: Next Step


Step 11

Click on the button: Send Verification


Step 12

You will now be asked for a confirmation code in order to complete this setup.


Step 13

Go back to > Settings > Accounts & Import, Then click on the link ‘Check mail now


Step 14

You will then receive an email with your confirmation code.


Step 15

Copy & Paste that confirmation code into the box, and click on the button called ‘Verify

That’s it! Now you can compose a new message and choose the email to be sent from your Business email address.


**These steps and screen grabs were done using a current version available. Other versions may have slightly different steps and processes.