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How to adjust your existing POP email on Microsoft Outlook

Summary of POP email settings

Please note: Make sure you use your own email address and given password when completing the following steps.

IMPORTANT: Do NOT delete your existing POP account

This could lead to loss of emails.The below steps are ONLY for setting up a brand new POP email account.

Click here if you have an existing POP email account »

How to adjust your existing POP email on Microsoft Outlook

For our clients who are already using their POP service for their email, please follow the steps below to adjust your email account. Please note this only refers to clients who current are already using their POP email account and need to update their details so their new email works.

Step 1: Get to the Account information Page

Firstly open up Microsoft Outlook.
Then select ‘Info’ under the ‘File’ Menu.
Then click on ‘Account Settings’ under Account Information.
Then double click your email account under the email tab.

Step 2: Update your Internet Email Settings

Check and update your information on the following:
Your Name: The full name of the person whose account it is (ie. John Smith)
Email Address: (ie.
Account Type: POP3
Incoming mail server: Enter
Outgoing mail server: Enter
User Name: (ie.
Password: Enter the password you were provided
* Tick Remember Password
Then click More Settings.


Step 3: Internet Email Settings

An internet Pop up Box will appear.
In the ‘Outgoing Server’ Tab make sure the first box is ticked and performed as below.


Then select the ‘Advanced’ Tab if it is not already selected.
Incoming Server: 110
*Make sure ‘This server requires an encrypted connection (SSL) is not checked
Outgoing mail server: 587
Use the following type of encrypted connection: None
Server Timeouts: Do not touch
Leave a Copy of messages on the server: Make sure this box is not checked
Then click OK.


Step 4: Internet Email Settings

You will go back to the Internet Email settings.
Click Next.


Step 5: Test Account Settings

You will now be presented with a pop up that will run a test on your email setting.
Green Ticks should appear to show everything is ok.
Then click Close. You are done!


**These steps and screen grabs were done using Office 2010 . Other versions may have slightly different steps and processes.


Occasionally clients experience troubles with outgoing POP emails. This is generally due to their ISP (Internet Service Providers) and need to adjust the outgoing mail settings.

Some common ISP Outgoing Mail Servers are as follows – typically your username for these servers is your email account (i.e. and associated password:

iiNet: or

*We provide this list as a service to our customers but cannot guarantee that this list will always be up to date.