How to access your webmail

Summary of POP email settings

Please note: Make sure you use your own email address and given password when completing the following steps.

How to access your Webmail

For our clients who are using our POP service for their email, Webmail is available as a reliable option when traveling, or any other times that you cannot access your usual email program.

Step 1: Access your Webmail

Go to you website and insert webmail. before your full website address (URL). Eg. http://www.webmail.yourdomain.com


Step 2: Log in to your Webmail

Please do the following:
Interface: Select ‘Horde’
Email Address: Enter your full email address
Password: Enter your password
Language: Select English (British)
Mode: Automatic
Save Settings: Tick box if you like

Step 3: Use your Webmail

Webmail works in the same way as many other web based email solutions such as Hotmail. Make sure you log out when you have finished.

Please note: Your webmail account does not sync up with your computer or mobile phone and will not display sent messages or saved messages sent from those devices.