.au registration.

6 reasons why you should get your .au as soon as possible.

1. Memorable.
It’s shorter & simpler and much easier to remember plus it’s faster to type.

2. Visible.

Australian domain names show up higher in local search engine results.

3. Authentic.
As it requires an ABN or ACN to register – it verifies you’re a genuine, Australian business.

4. Australian.
It is AU – so it’s Aussie! Globally recognisable & uniquely Australian.

5. Locals support local.
Aussies support Aussie business. Show you’re a local business with .au.

6. Protect your business online.
Own .au and key extensions to stop copy cats – protect your business online.


  • Cost
    Each domain registration is $60 + gst for 2 years.
    By ticking the above we will check availability and if available will register each domain requested and email you an invoice.
    If you host with Intervision - we will add your new domain as and alias to your existing website for free.

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