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Successful branding tells a story that connects with your target audience.

Your logo is the foundation for this – it is the entire narrative on which your brand is built – and you need to get it right.

Essentials of logo design.

Make a strong first impression

Make a strong first impression

You have approximately 2 seconds to convince potential customers that your products or services are worth considering. Your logo must grab their attention & communicate your core values quickly to appeal to them.

Make your logo memorable

Make your logo memorable

Your logo should lead your customers to you. They should recognise your logo and instantly associate it with what your company does – and, more importantly, how it makes them feel.

Stand out from the competition

Stand out from the competition

Dare to be different & unique – and stand out. Through the right icon and font, a well-designed company logo can communicate your company’s background (funky, professional?) to your mission (efficient, cutting-edge?).

Frequently Asked Questions.

Your logo & branding questions answered
  • What questions do you ask before designing a logo?

    As professional logo designers, we will first get to know your company, its strategies, ambitions and goals. We therefore need to ask a lot of questions to really understand your business.

    Here are a few that we will ask:

    • Tell us about your company, what you do, what is your point of difference?
    • Tell us about your main competitors and how you are the same/different?
    • Tell us about your brand – what adjectives would you use to describe it (traditional, modern, funky!)?
    • Who is your target audience – age, locality, preferences?
    • What are your design preferences – colours, icons, fonts?
    • Have you seen any logos you like or that you think work well?
    • How will you use your logo – on vans, T-shirts, signage?
    • Do you want an icon or just words?
  • Do I need an icon for my logo?

    Icons are great because they make our life easier and more visual! Your whole brand is condensed into an icon, making theWhile there are many ways to design a logo, a logo can be just words. information easy-to-understand in a visual format. Not every business needs an icon but every business should have a logo.

  • Can my logo consist of only words?

    While there are many ways to design a logo, a logo can be just words – think Volvo, eBay, and Coca-Cola! A logo that only consists of words is called a “wordmark” logotype. However, choosing the right font and colours is still incredibly important to give the right narrative about your brand.

    According to Brand Compass, there are some companies who benefit from a text-only logo:

    • Businesses that offer a wide variety of goods & services. These businesses often have a harder time summarising their brand into one graphic image.
    • Businesses that offer professional services. These businesses, like law offices, tend not to have many logo-friendly graphics associated with their purpose.
    • Software & tech companies. It tends to be difficult to represent tech-related work as a simple graphic image.
    • Businesses in rapidly changing fields. Businesses in rapidly changing fields, like beauty and fashion, tend to go for a text-only logo because they tend to look less dated than a graphic.
    (Source: Branding Compass)

  • Should I use a professional logo designer?

    As professional logo designers we are of course going to say YES!

    Working with a professional logo designer will give you a logo which well researched, truly reflects your brand, is original, has personal touches, is often clever (for example, the icon may carry a hidden meaning), cannot be easily copied, is professional, can be used across many formats and gives your business a strong visual identity.

    Your logo is the foundation for the entire narrative on which your brand is built – and you need to get it right.

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