Packaging Design.

Packaging considerations.

Packaging creation briefing

Main features & Audience

What are the main features of your product, what makes your product unique & who will it appeal to (who is your target audience)?

Price point

What is the selling price for your product? In general, the higher the cost of the product, the more you can invest in its packaging.


What competition is out there and how do they position themselves?

Primary or secondary packaging

Is the packaging going to be primary or secondary? If primary – it will be in direct contact with the product.

Manual or automatic packing

If the products are going to be packaged in an automated plant, you will need to consider the machinery requirements & technical specifications. If manually packed, you will have more freedom.

Physical characteristics

The structural design choices of your packaging (e.g. shape, dimensions, type of materials & paper weight) will depend on the physical characteristics of the product (weight, size, shape & texture).

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