NOTE: You only need to update these settings if your mail stops working.

If your incoming or outgoing mail server settings are currently: OR
you will need to update ONLY your incoming /outgoing mail server settings to – do not change your username or password.

How to update your mail server settings (click the + sign below):

Mac Mail
1. Open the Mail application
2. In the menu bar go to Mail > Preferences > Account Information

3. Incoming
Change the incoming mail server to (if you cannot edit this field and it is greyed out click here)

4. Outgoing
From the Outgoing Mail Server dropdown menu select Edit SMTP server list > select the appropriate item from the list and in the Server Name field change the server to

Close the panel > Save > AND restart Mail


Follow this guide to update your incoming and outgoing mail servers to


There are many different versions of Outlook – but generally you can use the guide below

Open Outlook.

  1. Select File > Account Settings.
  2. Select the email account to update.
  3. Change the incoming mail and outgoing mail server to
  4. Save

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