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Should you register your .AU domain name?

6 reasons why you should get your new .au Australian domain name

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.AU domains are coming on March 24

1. Memorable.

It’s shorter & simpler and much easier to remember plus it’s faster to type.

2. Visible.

Australian domain names show up higher in local search engine results.

3. Authentic.

As it requires an ABN or ACN to register – it verifies you’re a genuine, Australian business.

4. Australian.

It is AU – so it’s Aussie! Globally recognisable & uniquely Australian.

5. Locals support local.

Aussies support Aussie business. Show you’re a local business with .au.

6. Protect your business online.

Own .au and key extensions to stop copy cats – protect your business online.

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A new, shorter Australian domain name.

What is a .au domain?

Up until now, Australian businesses have been happily using, plus other distinctly Australian domains.

But with the release of .au domain names, there’s a new, shorter web address for Aussies to use.

What does this mean?

The new domains are simply .au – for instance the .au version of will be

From 24 March 2022, Australian will be able to register for a .au domain.

Who can register .au domains?

Real Aussies!!

If you want a .au domain, you’ll need to need to have connection to Australia:

  • Already have a or a
  • Or, provide a physical address
  • Or, have a current ABN or ACN
  • Or, be a permanent Australian resident or citizen.

Why should I get a .au domain?

If you already own a, or other second-level .au domain, you’ll definitely want to get the matching .au domain – this will stop someone else from grabbing it and taking a chunk of your traffic.

What about existing .au domain owners?

When .au direct domain names commence on 24 March 2022, existing domain owners of (,,, will have the chance to apply for Priority Application Status for a a period of six months after the commencement date.

During this time, auDA will check the priority application status of the existing domain before issuing a licence.

For example, Intervision Design has owned the domain name since we began in 2000, so we will have priority Category 1 to register

Check out all the rules

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Do I need the .au direct domain?
Yes – we think you should grab it to protect your business name & brand. It’s a small price to pay to protect your brand online.
What if I don’t secure my .au direct domain?
A .au direct domain will protect your business name & brand. After 20 September 2022 all .au domain options will be released to the general marketplace. This means that if you haven’t claimed your .au domain, then it’s open for anyone else to claim it and potentially use it.
Do I have to use it?
We can redirect any of your existing domains to your .au direct domain, or vice versa if you like the traditional name. Or, you can just keep it so no one else can use it.
Will the existing domains continue to work?
Yes they will. The new .au direct domains will simply complement the existing suite of Australians domains such as,,
Am I eligible for the .au direct domain?

To be eligible you must have an “Australian Presence”, that is a connection to Australia.

If you already own a domain, you can have preference when you register the new direct .au domain associated with that domain.

If someone else also has an existing .au extension associated with the same domain as you, then there may be conflict (for example, if you have “” and someone else has “” then both parties may want to register for the .au domain).

When can I register a new .au domain name?

If there is no conflict, you will be able to register your new .au from 24 March 2022.

If there is a conflict, anyone eligible for new .au domain will have 6 months(from 24 March 2022) to register their interest.

Please contact us to register so we can secure your new .au direct domain.

What does an Australian presence mean?

By being any one of the following:

  • A Sole Trader, Partnership, Company, Charity, Association or Trust with a current ABN or ACN.
  • A permanent Australian resident or citizen.
  • You are a foreign business with an Australian trademark application or registration.
What is the Priority Application Process?

If there are a Category 1 applicant (being applicants whose domain name was registered before 4 February 2018) and a Category 2 applicant (being applicants whose domain name was registered after 4 February 2018), Category 1 will have priority over Category 2.

If there are multiple Category 1 applicants, applicants must agree on allocation.

If only Category 2 applicants apply, the name will be allocated to the applicant with the earliest domain creation date.

Where there are multiple applicants with first priority, the applicants will be directed to negotiate with each other, and the domain name will be allocated on agreement between the parties.

How will I know if there is a conflict with the new .au domain names?

auDA provides a priority status tool which you can use to validate the status of your domain name.

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