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The Beginner’s Guide To GA4

What You Need To Know About Next-Gen Analytics:

Google Analytics 4 (also referred to as “GA4”) is set to replace Universal Analytics. After the 1st July 2023, Universal Analytics properties will be unable to collect new data.

What Is Google Analytics 4?

Google Analytics 4 is the latest version of Google’s web analytics tool. It collects information about your website visitors so that you can make informed decisions about web design, SEO, and other marketing channels.

You should set up a Google Analytics 4 property to start sending data into that account as soon as possible.

What Has Changed With Google Analytics 4?

Google Analytics 4 isn’t just an update. It’s an entirely new tool.

GA4 promises to provide a more complete understanding of how your customers interact with your business.

Reporting has been simplified and re-organised so you can intuitively find marketing insights based on the part of the customer journey you’re interested in.

The most significant difference between Google Analytics 4 and Universal Analytics is how data is collected and reported.

While Universal Analytics is session-based, Google Analytics 4 uses an event-based model. Instead of grouping user actions into a session, user actions in Google Analytics 4 are recorded as events.

Whilst Universal Analytics was developed around page views, GA4 is more around the customer journey – allowing you to gain insights from a complete view of the customer journey through your site and even across devices.

With Google Analytics 4, you can better understand how users engage with your website. You can see which channels drive the most traffic and what actions these users take.

Google Analytics 4 also makes it easier to see which unique users converted and whether they keep coming back to your website once they have become a customer.

To sum up, Google Analytics 4 is more accurate. It’s more powerful. And it’s definitely something you should be using to track and measure your website traffic.

When Is the Deadline for Switching to GA4?

The deadline for switching to Google Analytics 4 is 1st July 2023. You’ll be able to use and collect data through Universal Analytics up until this date. After the deadline, you’ll be able to view the historical data for your Universal Analytics property for six months.

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How to Upgrade to GA4

Click here for steps on how to upgrade to GA4 using your monster insights account.

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